Partner with the Brooklyn Navy Yard to Build

the Future of New York

The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others as a result of police brutality have made more urgent the conversation about how to address the systemic racial inequality that pervades all aspects of American life.

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard, our mission is centered around supporting small businesses and creating attainable, low barrier to entry job opportunities with long term growth prospects for all New Yorkers, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

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The Background

The landscape of business ownership and entrepreneurship is far less diverse than New York City as a whole.  Minority and women entrepreneurs face significant and persistent barriers to sustained business growth.  For example, of the total amount of venture capital that was invested into companies in 2017, only one percent went to African-American-owned businesses, 2 percent went to Latinx businesses, and nine percent was invested in women-owned firms.


The Brooklyn Navy Yard wants to play an essential role in building a more inclusive economy throughout the city. We believe that by supporting and expanding the number of women and minority entrepreneurs and MWBE-owned businesses we can build a business community that is more reflective of the City’s cultural diversity and create a more inclusive and dynamic economy.

Let’s do our part to Build The Future NYC that we want to see.

The Opportunity

On October 19, 2020, we released an RFEI/RFP for the creation of an Equity Incubator at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (found here). This RFEI/RFP is a call to action for businesses, entrepreneurs, and funders interested in joint ventures that aim to increase the equity of business ownership in New York City.

We’re looking for entrepreneurial-minded visionaries and activators to launch and operate a venture that will meet the specific needs of diverse business owners and entrepreneurs and help them launch and/or grow their businesses.

We invite you to download the RFP/RFEI here to learn more.

The deadline for responses is January 15, 2021 at 4:00pm.

Let’s do our part to Build The Future NYC.


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